Monday, January 26, 2015

WEEK 1 CHALLENGE: January 26th

6-week Health & Fitness Challenge in preparation for the 
ISL 5k- Spring Shuffle taking place March 7, 2015


(Monday January 26, 2015 to Sunday February 1, 2015)

Our 6-Week Health and Fitness Challenge promotes everyday well-being by encouraging small actions in daily activities for meaningful change.  The important thing when focusing on achieving optimum health is to be aware of where you are and start from there!

Your first week challenge is to rekindle your relationship with the vital liquid of life- WATER!

Fitness CHALLENGE (Part 1):

Schedule a time during the day while you are at your sink to complete a set of stand up pushups.  Do as many as you can on day one (Monday) and increase them by 5 each day. You can also break up this challenge and do some in the morning and the rest in the evening in order to reach your goal. Don’t think about the challenge, just incorporate it into one of your daily routines, such as brushing your teeth and do five before going to bed… its easy!

Part 2:

Drink 3 glasses of water per day. Drinking water is a habit and like any habit. Once practiced, it becomes part of your daily routine. want to up your game? Professionals recommend 13 glasses a day for males and 9 glasses a day for females, challenge yourself to meet the adequate intake of water per day. Click here for benefits of drinking AGUA!

Sound mind CHALLENGE (Part 3):
Never forget your emotional and mental health when you take part of a health challenge.  Mental relaxation techniques can be incorporated in our daily routines. As part of our challenge we will include mental exercises so that our bodies and minds are healthy and strong. 

Take a relaxing bath with Epsom salt or enjoy a relaxing shower. You can find Epsom salt at any local grocery or drug store.  As your body relaxes, allow your mind to relax. Try to do away with internal conversation and with any specific thoughts or concerns. Let the thoughts run through your mind like running water. Allow your mind its autonomy and let it develop thoughts without stopping to judge them.  Sit or stand letting water surround you and enjoy the silence. For more tips and information on relaxation techniques click here


Prairie Waters By Night
Chatter of birds two by two raises a night song joining a litany of running water--
sheer waters showing the russet of old stones remembering many rains.
And the long willows drowse on the shoulders of the running water, and sleep from much music; joined songs of day-end, feathery throats and stony waters, in a choir chanting new psalms.
It is too much for the long willows when low laughter of a red moon comes down; and the willows drowse and sleep on the shoulders of the running water.
-Carl Sandburg


This year we have decided to focus on nutrition tips for your home cooking. 
Enjoy our health recipe of the week, click here

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Disclaimer: This article is for information only and should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of medical conditions. All reasonable care has been used in compiling the information but make no warranty as to its accuracy. However, please note that ISL does not endorse the organizations sponsoring linked websites and articles and we do not endorse the views they express or the products/services they offer.

Consult a doctor or other health care professional for diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions and before starting any exercise program or diet plan.

Regular exercise can help you control your weight, reduce your risk of heart disease, and strengthen your bones and muscles. But if you haven't exercised for some time and you have health concerns, you may want to talk to your doctor before starting a new exercise routine.
When to check with your doctor
Although moderate physical activity, such as brisk walking, is safe for most people, health experts suggest that you talk to your doctor before you start an exercise program if any of the following apply:
· You have heart disease.
· You have asthma or lung disease.
· You have diabetes, or liver or kidney disease.
· You have arthritis.
You should also check with your doctor if you have symptoms suggestive of heart, lung or other serious disease, such as:
· Pain or discomfort in your chest, neck, jaw or arms during physical activity
· Dizziness or loss of consciousness
· Shortness of breath with mild exertion or at rest, or when lying down or going to bed
· Ankle swelling, especially at night
· A heart murmur or a rapid or pronounced heartbeat
· Muscle pain when walking upstairs or up a hill that goes away when you rest
Finally, the American College of Sports Medicine recommends that you see your doctor before engaging in vigorous exercise if two or more of the following apply:
· You're a man older than age 45 or a woman older than age 55.
· You have a family history of heart disease before age 55.
· You smoke or you quit smoking in the past six months.
· You haven't exercised for three months or more.
· You're overweight or obese.
· You have high blood pressure or high cholesterol.
· You have impaired glucose tolerance, also called pre-diabetes.


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